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Welcome to Kid & Kook — a little shop by the seashore for babies, kids, and their kooky parents. We believe that shopping for kids should be fun!
We also believe in supporting the original mom, AKA: Mother Earth, and that businesses should strive to leave a positive imprint on our planet. That's why we made a choice early on to carry as many eco-conscious brands and products as possible – because what we buy for our children has an impact on the planet they inherit. 

Whenever possible, we look for products that are:

  • Ethically made: small makers, ethical manufacturing, traceable production
  • Sustainable materials like: bamboo, wool, linen, organic cotton, ethically-sourced regenerated wood, natural rubber, and silicone.
  • Local: Canadian makers and designers
  • Innovative practices such as: using fabric made from recycled plastic, zero waste production, etc. 


Our commitment to sustainability is all about preserving the Earth for future generations to continue to enjoy the natural world. For us, conservation efforts can be as small as being conscious of how and what we consume, recycling and not using plastic, to as big as helping to effect change through how and what we consume that will last generations.