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Tender Leaf Coastal Animals | Crab

A crabby little crab to add to your child's imaginative play cast of characters. From Canadian company Tender Leaf Toys (in business over 30 years) who use only ethically sourced rubberwood, which is a by-product of the rubber industry. 

More about eco-friendly rubberwood: Rubberwood is an economic and eco-friendly wood and the Indonesian Government is committed to replanting the Rubberwood plantations as part of their growing economy.

The production of latex becomes uneconomical once the trees have reached the grand age of about 25 years and traditionally were felled and burned, but under an Indonesian legal wood incentive, they take that timber, and turn it into beautiful toys. For every tree that is cut down another is planted in its place so ensuring a continuous supply.

"We believe that it’s ever more important to bring our children back to a natural playing environment. All our products have been made with the development of children’s skills and the replenishment of rubberwood forests at its heart. Our manufacturing process - cutting, painting and drying of the wood, is all undertaken at our factory all at the same location. We look to a time where all businesses regardless of size take social and environmental responsibility in all parts of the supply chain in order to protect our children’s future."

  • All Tender Leaf toy products meet the European, American, Australian and New Zealand standard safety of toys